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2021-10 FORBES AG Asked If Fauci Will Be Investigated For Lying To Congress
2021-10 STYX Florida COVID Cases Plummet, Proving the Lockdowners Wrong
2021-10 STYX Legacy Media Nervous Breakdown Thinking of a Second Trump Term
2021-09 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan
2021-09 RAMZPAUL Why are there no men in college?
2021-09 DAISY COUSENS Melbourne full of Nazis, supposedly
2021-09 Count Dancula Soros Foundation Shutting Down?
2021-09 Sen. Kennedy calls out Biden admin’s ‚lies‘ about immigration
2021-09 SIMON WEBB A snapshot of London today
2021-09 SIMON WEBB How the demand for diversity creates a drive towards mediocrity
2021-09 STYX Bidens Blatantly Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate Attempt
2021-09 FOX Tucker : The rules are different now
2021-08 STYX Confirmed: There Was No Insurrection at the US Capitol
2021-08 FOX At least 45 people shot in Chicago in a single night of violence
2021-07 PJW The Sportsball Scam
2021-07 STYX South Africa Devolves into Anarchy as Socialism Once Again Fails
2021-06 HISTORY DEBUNKED How Immigration changed the nature of Sweden
2021-06 STYX A Rebuttal to Those who Criticize Andy Ngo
2021-06 The Officer Tatum – 1921 Tulsa Massacre WAS A BIG LIE
2021-06 SKY AU Greta Thunberg’s ‘dishonest, alarmist rubbish’ is destroying young people
2021-05 „Who Executed Ashli Babbitt?“: GOP Lawmaker Grills Ex-Acting AG
2021-05 DAISY COUSENS The Sexual Revolution Destroyed The West
2021-05 STYX Fascist Biden Seeks to Circumvent the 4th Amendment
2021-04 TVee Robocop 2 is becoming a reality in California
2021-04 STYX No Charges for Cop who murdered Ashli Babbit
2021-04 Sun Politics – `Racism has been redefined` Bret Weinstein on woke science 
2021-04 VEE China Proposes digital currency that will loose its value if not spent
2021-03 Pat Condell – A Crisis of Free Speech
2021-03 STYX The United States is Not a Democray : Thank Goodness !
2021-03 John Anderson – V.D. Hanson III – The Biden Administration
2021-03 PJW – The Media is Institutionally Racist Against White People
2021-03 The Fiamengo File – Yeah, a Curfew for all men
2021-03 Daisy Cousins – Donald Trump Was Right About Meghan Markle
2021-03 Sen. Mike Lee „We’re not going to accept that answer anymore.
2021-02 ROMANIAN TVEE – This Week in Stupid
2021-02 Trump’s lawyer plays a video of Democrats and celebrities
2021-01 Sky News – Left scum talking
2021-01 Lord Dan Hannan – How Britain invented Freedom & Why it matters
2021-01 The Lotus Eaters – If BLM had Stormed the Capitol
2021-01 Computing Forever – Sterilization
2021-01 Romanian TVee – This Year In Stupid 2020
2020-12 China Uncensored  Canada´s Pro-China Deep State
2020-12 Merry Christmas, Brothers
2020-12 Interview with Naomi Seibt: German Media and Government Suppression
2020-12 Douglas Murray and His Continuing Fight against the „Madness of Crowds”
2020-11 The Lotus Eaters – Interview with Allum Bokhari on Big Tech Censorship
2020-11 Sagon of Akkad – There´s No Evidence of Voter Fraud“
2020-11 Summit News – Niece of Osama Bin Laden Speaks Out
2020-10 John Anderson – The Future of Democracy , Victor Davis Hanson
2020-09 Jared Taylor – Chicago, How they kill each other
2020-09 Sargon of Akkad – This Is How Bad Things Are
2020-09 Sargon of Akkad – Active Measures : Destabilisation
2020-09 Britanny Sellner – The Rise of Anarcho-Tyranny
2020-09 Paul Joseph Watson – Ritual Public Shaming
2020-08 Styxhexenhammer – All Authoritarian Systems are Inherently Leftist
2020-08 Salty Cracker – Minneapolis Police Tell Citizens Prepare To Get Killed
2020-07 Black Lives Matter is NOT what you think! The investigation results are astonishing.
2020-07 Sargon of Akkad : The End of the Communist Utopia
2020-06 Paul Weston : The Horrific Reality of Black Lives Matter
2020-06 Sky News Australia – Multiculturalism is a ‚poisonous ideology‘
2020-06 25 Super important bleeps are killed in Chi-kanda in a single weekend
2020-06 Stefan Molyneux , Brian Martinez – Women, Masculinity and Riots
2020-05 Salty Cracker – Fake News not interested In Black Guy Shooting Elderly Couple
2020-03 Imagine There Are No Celebrities ( God bless Sargon 😉 )
2020-03 China uncensored : Coronavirus How WHO Corruption helped it Spread
2020-02 Sargon of Akkad : Priti Patel’s Reign of Terror
2020-02 The New Culture Forum: Masculinity is Positive & Society Needs More Of It
2020-01 The World According to Thiel ( Hooverinstitution )
2020-01 End of the World Cult ( Stefan Molyneux )
2019-12 Cumputing Forever – Discussing Germany’s New Hate Speech Bill
2019-10 Douglas Murray – The Truth about Google Images
2019-05 Victor Davis Hanson – The Case for Trump
2019-12 Paul Joseph Watson – Diversity is our strength !
2019-12 Sargon of Akkad – Why is Diversity our Strength ? 
2019-12 Pat Condell – Last Chance For Brexit 
2019-11 Sargon of Akkad – Convicted Terrorist should be deported 
2019-06 The Britisher – We, the British, will not apologise for our history 
2019-10 Hilfe, Nazis. Wo ist die genderdaivörse Polizei, wenn man sie braucht ?  
2012-04 Charles Murray: Why America is Coming Apart Along Class Lines (prbME
2019-10 SNA  No real thinking in academia anymore – Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT
2019-09 The Candace Owens Show – Douglas Murray
2019-09 Bolt Report – Murray´s Book : The Madness of Crowds
2019-09 Sargon of Akkad – Integration is racist, Englishman
2019-08 RamzPaul – Climate Change and Africa
2019-08 Stefan Molyneux – The Damage Caused by „Alpha Males“
2019-08 Project Veritas – Google Machine Learning Whistleblower goes public   
2019-06 Ami Horowitz – The Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood 
2019-06 Sargon of Akkad – Facebook´s Hate agents 
2019-05 Forget Merit : Get more women into engineering  ( Janice Fiamengo ) 
2019-05 NBC News : IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries ( S. Molyneux ) 
2019-03 The Price of Prescience ( Blonde in the Belly of the Beast ) 
2019-03 New Zealand atrocities ( Ann Mary Waters ) 
2019-03 The EU and the Road to the Nanny State ( Computing Forever ) 
2019-01 Race and Victimhood – Tree of Logic talks to Jared Taylor 
2019-01 Control Through Identity – Candace Owens, Sargon of Akkad 
2018-12 Stefan Molyneux – Winter is coming 
2018-11 THE SAAD TRUTH – Identity Politics is Destroying Academia 
2018-10 Jordan Peterson – There was plenty of motivation for taking me out 
2018-02 Joe Rogan Capitalism vs. Socialism with Steven Pinker 
2018-10 E. Warren, Stormy Daniels, Kathy Griffin and Modern Women ( S. Molyneux ) 
2018-10 The Diversity Delusion ( Heather Mac Donald at Hillsdale College ) 
2018-09 Fired Google Engineer James Damore – Live Interview 
2018-08 The New Zealand TV Interview they wouldn´t show you 
2018-07 The Death of White America ( Mark Collet ) 
2018-06 I left my Filth in San Francisco ( infamously censored by YT )
2018-06 Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids ( Jordan Peterson ) 
2018-06 Killing Europe Documentary  ( proudly restored by ME ) 
2018-06 Killing Europe Documentary  ( infamously censored by YT )  
2018-05 Alice Weidel AfD – This Country is governed by Idiots  
2018-05 The Fall of Bill Cosby – Tommy Sotomayor & Stefan Molyneux 
2018-01 Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro & Dave Rubin – Frontline of Free Speech 
2018-03 Daisy Cousens – How Feminists View Conservative Women 
2018-01 Janice Fiamengo on Mob Justice of #MeToo 
2017-12 Paul Joseph Watson „The Truth about Jerusalem 
2017-12 Katie Hopkins – Outstanding Speech in the US 
2017-11 Milo Yiannopoulos vs. „conservative“ female muslim 
2017-07 Have we had enough diversity ? ( Douglas Murray ) 
2017-07 Anne Mary Waters – For Britain 
2017-07 Black Pigeon Speaks – The Far Left´s attemt to silence REALITY
2017-06 The Progression of Extremism ( Lauren Southern )
2017-06 Do White Americans Have White Privileg? ( Ami Horowitz )
2017-05 The Fall of South Africa ( S.Roche, S. Molyneux ) ( proudly restored by ME )
2017-05 The Fall of South Africa ( S.Roche, S. Molyneux )( infamously censored by YT )
2017-04 A Tale of Two Narratives #1 – The Media Halo Syria (Sargon of Akkad ) 
2017-04 Understandig Fake News – Tim Pool
2017-03 Tara Mc Carthy – Women Destroy Nations ( Black Pigeon )
2017-03 Devon Tracy – Terror strikes London – again ( proudly restored by ME )
2017-03 Devon Tracy – Terror strikes London – again ( infamously censored by YT
2017-03 US Ambassador Nikki Haley – The New Sheriff in town
2017-02 Devon Tracy – Meet a Muslim ( proudly restored by ME ) 
2017-02 Devon Tracy – Meet a Muslim ( infamously censored by YT )
2017-02 Jay Fayza – Why CNN gets called Fake News ( proudly restored by ME )
2017-02 Jay Fayza – Why CNN gets called Fake News ( infamously censored by YT )
2017-02 The Angry Foreigner  „Trump and The Truth about Sweden“
2016-12 Milo Y. – My Rhetoric vs. Islam Slaughtering Gays ( proudly restored by ME )
2016-12 Milo Y. – My Rhetoric vs. Islam Slaughtering Gays ( infamously censored by YT )
2016-11 Ezra Levent „America made the right choice“ 
2016-11 Ezra Levent „Proof, blacks, women, hispanics voted for Trump“ 
2016-09 Stefan Molyneux „On Keith Scott and the Charlotte Riots“  
2016-08 Jared Taylor „The Truth about the Milwaukee Riots“  
2016-06 Milo Yiannopoulos Facts about Islam ( proudly restored by ME ) 
2016-06 Milo Yiannopoulos Facts about Islam ( infamously censored by YT )
2016-04 Ami Horowitz & AIU „Berkely Students comment on Islamic Terrorism“  
2015-10 Sam Harris on Islam´s contribution to Humanity ( proudly restored by ME )  
2015-10 Sam Harris on Islam´s contribution to Humanity ( infamously censored by YT )  
2015-10 Ulrich Kutschera „Gender Mainstreaming – Unfug, Religion, feministische Sekte“  
2015-09 Ezra Levent „Who benefits from Muslim mass migration? Only the elite Left“  
2015-06 Angry Foreigner „Wellcome to Sweden“  
2014-10 Ben Shapiro „The true Story of Ferguson and the Gentle Giant“  
2013-09 Peter Whittle, New Culture Forum – racist, ugly or what ?“  
2013-10 Dokumentation „Der Reichtum der Kirche ist Blutgeld“  
2011-01 Mark Humphrys „The United Nations“
2010-07 Christopher Hitchens : In Love with Argument
2009-01 IDF „Hamas Terrorists Use Innocent Civilians As Human Shields“  
2006-12 Christopher Hitchens „Whisky, Cigs & Jefferson“  
2005-04 QATAR TV Friday Sermon on work ethics ( proudly restored by ME )“  
2005-04 QATAR TV Friday Sermon on work ethics ( infamously censored by YT )“