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2024-04 Dr. John Campbell – Midazolam and Euthanasia
2024-03 Simon Webb – The decline and fall of Trafalgar Square
2024-02 REDACTED Does Google AI think white people don´t exist ?
2024-01 LOTUSEATERS – No One Is Dying For This
2024-01 Count Dancula – Josef Fritzl could be released
2021-06 History Debunked – Do black lives matter to black people?
2021-08 LOTUSEATERS  70’s Feminists Admit They Lied to Women
2023-01 PJW  You will barely believe this
2022-05 Introducing The Reset | The Great Reset Docuseries (Episode 1)
2019-05 Anything Goes – Keep Them Docile With Drugs & Video Games
2020-01 Sinister Predictions of the WEF ( World Economic Fascists )
2019-05 France24 – China ranks ‘good’ and ‘bad’ citizens with ‘social credit’ system
2022-11 The Arquitects of Western Decline ( Vertigo Politix )

2024-05 FORBES  – So You Are Not In Charge ? ( Josh Hawley on Deb Haaland )
2024-04 SIMON WEBB – What do people mean with two-tear policing
2024-04 Dr. John Campbell – WHO Secrecy
2024-03 HERETICS – The Biggest Trans-Scandal in History
2024-03 THE HILL – Victoria Nuland RESIGNS ( Glenn Greenwald )
2024-02 LOTUSEATERS Will There Be a Genocide in South Africa
2024-02 MDC  Exposing Fani Willis´ Diversion Tactics
2024-02 Katie Hopkins – Where the Fuck is Abdul ?
2024-01 MDC – Exposing Anne Hathaway´s Red Flags are too Dangerous to Ignore
2023-12 SKY AU – The moral rot in US Elite-Universities ( Douglas Murray )
2023-12 SIMON WEBB Government passing a Law to pry on bank accounts
2023-11 REDACTED – What the WHO just did is Disgusting and Criminal
2023-11 Dr. John Campbell – Care Home Deaths
2023-09 Survive the Jive – Debunking the BBC´s  Horroble Black History
2023-09 Dr. John Campbell – Covid booster jabs for all
2023-09 Simon Webb – Housholders face jail for not insulation their homes 
2023-08 Dr. John Campbell – FDA and Ivermectin ( remember the horsepaste ? )
2023-05 LOTUSEATERS – Mizzy teabags the Met Police
2023-04 THE POUCH Millions rejoice over the death of an innocent victim of sexual assault
2023-04 REDACTED The United Nations just lost it’s F**king MIND with this
2023-04 CBN Portland: A Progressive Experiment That ‘Has Gone Colossally Bad’
2023-03 SALTY – WH Apologizes to Trans Community After They Kill Christian Kids
2023-03 MW – Colin Kaepernick Throws His White Adoptive Parents Under The Bus
2023-03 Neil Oliver – is a final and catastrophic CRASH coming for the banks ?
2023-03 Dr. John Campbell – Matt´s messages
2022-12 History Debunked – How paedophilia is being normalised 
2022-11 LOTUSEATERS Central Bank Digital Currencies Coming Soon
2022-10 Think Before You Sleep – How Woke Grifters are Ruining the Workplace

North Corean Communists would be ashamed of this falsification of History !

2022-05 CBBC Been here from the Start

2022-08 LOTUSEATERS It’s Simple, The Woke Are Racist !
2022-08 Dr. Turley – Warped Western Media JUSTIFIES Alexander Dugin Car Bombing!!
2022-06 Cineworld Caves In To Muslim Mob Over Film About Muhammad’s Daughter
2022-03 History Debunked – A Home Office report about girls who are groomed ( prbME )
2022-02 Dr. John Campbell – Mr. Bill Gates is sad
2022-02 Salty Cracker – Lunatic Parades Severed Head of Murdered Cousin Wife
2021-12 Think Before You Sleep – How Mainstream Media Gets People to Believe Lies
2021-10 Silentium, ein feister Speichelschlürfer besingt die Verheererin Deutschlands
2021-08 Elizabeth Holmes exposed: the $9 billion medical ‘miracle’ that never existed
2021-05 Laowhy86 – The NEW White Monkey Jobs in China
2021-04 SKY AU It feels like a sick joke : UN elects Iran to women’s commission
2021-03 Senator Mike Lee – Why do Big Tech “mistakes” always silence conservatives?
2020-10 Serpentza – Did Huawei ever invent anything ?
2020-09 Sargon of Akkad Analysing One BLM Activist’s Calls for Violence
2020-09 Fiamengo File – Man Forced to Pay Alimony for Ex-Girlfriend
2020-07 Way of the World – No Church on Sunday for Me
2020-06 Sargon of Akkad – Meanwhile in the Scottish Parliament
2020-06 Salty Cracker – Black Man Killed in CHAZ, Warlord upset Police ( prbME )
2020-06 NTD – How China infiltrated into the United Nations
2020-03 Akkad Daily – Greece does not yield
2020-03 Akkad Daily – The Chinese Health Organisation
2020-03 Akkad Daily – Schools Accused of Grooming Autistic Children to Become Trans
2019-03 Seattle is Dying ( Politics : democrat, Mayor : female )
2020-02 Janice Fiamengo – Feminists Slander Australian Firefighters and All Men
2019-03 Stefan Molyneux – The Truth About Che Guevara
2018-03 Human Rights for Rapists (Pat Condell)
2017-07 Female Genital Mutilation Rises in the UK  ( proudly restored by ME
2017-07 Female Genital Mutilation Rises in the UK  ( infamously censored by YT
2017-05 White Genocide in South Africa ( proudly restored by ME 
2017-05 White Genocide in South Africa ( first restricted then deleted by YT )  )

Das Schlimmste daran : es ist keine Satire !
2016-10 Die meisten Höllenbewohner sind Frauen ( proudly restored by ME
2016-10 Die meisten Höllenbewohner sind Frauen ( infamously censored by YT
2017-03 Asüli mit Problemen verprügelt vier sog. PolizistInnen – einfach daivörs !
2017-02 The Feminist Government that Hates Women
2017-01 The Deleted Interview that George Soros Tried to Ban
2016-05 Dearborn Michigan 2016 – Thank you, Barack Hussein !
2016-03 Swedish Police Chief advises women to stay home to avoid rape
2016-01 Feminists love Islamists ( RD was de-platformed for sharing this video  prbME)
2016-01 Dr. Suad Saleh – Rape is allowed for Muslims ( proudly restored by ME )  
2016-01 Dr. Suad Saleh – Rape is allowed for Muslims ( infamously censored by YT )  
2015-11 I´m concealing this weapon for Israel ( infamously censored by YT,
unfortunately I was not quick enough to save it 🙁

2015-08 Hitler Shop in Gaza ( proudly restored by ME )  
2015-08 Hitler-Shop in Gaza ( infamously censored by YT )  
2014-11 Berkeley students react to ISIS flag ( Ami Horowitz )
2007-10 Hell´s Angel – Mother Teresa of Calcutta ( Christopher Hitchens )

Seit 17 Jahren unbeanstandet online, Feministinnen doch toleranter als vermutet.
2006-08 Wife Beating in Islam – The Rules