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2024-04 KaiserBauch – The Downward Spiral of South Africa
2023-01 Jerry Skinner – Gregory Peck : A Mockingbird
2007-05 Claudio Monteverdi – Kälte, Knechtschaft, Kleidermangel ( B. Herrmann)
2024-04 Mark Felton – Von Ribbentrop´s Secret British House
2024-04 TheUntoldPast – The Disgusting Crimes of Nicolae Ceausescu
2024-02 How Governments use Design & Propaganda to control you
2020-06 Jerry Skinner Documentary – The Life of Geronimo
( AI failing miserably generating subtitles from Jerry´s fierce southern slang 🙂 )

2023-07 Inbreeding Among Siblings: A Historical Legacy of Pain and Suffering
2022-08 MoonReal – Why I Hate Bill Gates
2021-07 TVee The Great Leap Forward
2018-09 Battle of the Somme | History Documentary | Reel Truth History
2019-03 HILLSDALE COLLEGE – Andrew Roberts | The Importance of Churchill for Today
2021-10 Victor Davis Hanson – The Dying Citizen

2023-10 Simon Webb – Britain suffer from Terrorism, Poland not. Why ?
2023-07 Mark Felton – The Good German, Marlene Dietrich
2023-06 Simon Webb – Truth and lies about the so-called ‘Windrush Generation’
2023-01 Asha Logos – The French Revolution: Blood in the Streets of Paris
2022-12 Dark Docs – The Most Brutal Soldiers America was Afraid to Command
2022-11 Famous author endorses foundational myth of British Black History Month
2022-06 John Mearsheimer – Hitlerization of Putin ( prbME )
2021-10 How England is vanishing before our very eyes ( prbME )
2021-09 Felix Rex Manufactured Distractions – The Fall of South Africa ( prbME )
2021-06 Officer Tantum – 1921 Tulsa Massacre WAS A BIG LIE
2021-05 How the three centuries of the transatlantic slave trade became ‘the’ slave trade
2021-03 Geographics – Marathon: The Battle that Gave Birth to Western Civilization
2021-02 Thomas Sowell – Facts about Slavery they don´t teach in school
2020-12 Mark Felton- SS Women Female Concentration Camp Guards
2020-12 Stefan Molyneux – The Truth About The Fall of Rome
2020-11 Stefan Molyneux – The Truth About Slavery
2020-10 Academc Agent  Demoralization : What Yuri Bezmenov Didn’t Tell You
2020-04 The (Staggering) Siege of Vienna 1683
2020-03 Victor Davis Hanson – The Origins of Western Civilization
2020-01 Geographics  Nazinsky – Stalin´s Cannibal Island
2018-03 Blonde in the Belly of the Beast – Skipped in School  | The Holodomor (#1)
2017-12 Michael Palin – Pole to Pole 1
2017-10 Churchill vs Roosevelt: The WWII Power Struggle | Warlords | Timeline
2016-12  FDR was a Sad, Bitter, Cousin Loving, Crippled  Bigot ( Styx )
1989-01 President Reagan’s Farewell Address to the Nation
1981-06 Operation Opera – Israeli Airstrike on Iraq Nuclear Reactor 1981
1967-11 The Frost Programme – Interview with Sir Oswald Mosley
1958-11 Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace